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Kris Breadie Coaching

Tricking & Acrobatic Arts Coach

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About Me

I'm a passionate Tricking/ Acrobatics coach from Glasgow and for the last 11 years I've been the owner of the Hadouken Tricking Academy Ltd. Which is Scotland's first & only purpose built Tricking facility!

I've been practicing Tricking, Gymnastics Parkour & Free-running for the last 20+ years and started teaching my own classes in 2009  when I was 19 years old, renting space in various spaces until 2012 where I opened my first Tricking facility with my amazing mum's help!...We quickly became a hit and the same day 1 year later we moved in to our new bigger and better facility in 2013!

Now at 33 years old I have 14 years coaching experience, teaching in my own gym and  all over the world to a wide range of Athletes, Dancers, Stunt Doubles Actors & Actresses! 

I now employ 7 coaches at HTA who are students turned into fantastic coaches, which now allows me to focus more on my 1 to 1 lessons, hence me starting my new Kris Breadie Coaching service!

Here I can focus on students induvial goals and accelerate the learning process on certain challenging tricks such as 540 kicks, Backflips, Cartwheel Helicoptero's and B-twists! 

If you'd like help reaching your goals in a specialised facility for Tricks & Flips then contact me now to arrange a hyper focused 1 to 1 lesson and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!



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